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17,150 Entries
Gay Ham 
3 hours ago

I have an infatuation with BB because we both are queers. None of you will take away our man crush away from each other. You often hear butt humping audio on Sparc that is BB's open mic.

Richard "Buzz" Clark 
4 hours ago

The only thing redeeming about useless, lazy, low-class UBP is when he asks Richard Clark what his blood sugar is. THAT is funny.

The rest of the time he's just a fat loudmouth who disgustingly eats whatever hood-rat food he has in front of him while talking on the radio because he's a tactless slob.

It's also hilarious when he calls himself a "shot-caller" on 435. How proud he must be. Roger gives him an un-jammable VOIP input so he can flap his lips over everyone else and he thinks it makes him a shot-caller. What shots are you actually calling?

Not a shot-caller, just a shit talker. And when he turns his radio off, 435 goes back to the way it was. Listening to his dumb ass is like listening to a 4 hour recording of someone farting.

4 The 435 Poll 
4 hours ago

The best jamming was the recent recording with the telephone network sounds overlaid with “Fuck the handicapped” repeated at a brisk tempo

Definitely more annoying than Hammy Sammy jamming Flamebook but 100 times more creative than him!! 🤣

435 POLL ! 
21 hours ago







For quality content of jamming.. ill vote n6zkz. Steve is always about quality and aiming for his target demo.

For just senseless jamming AND making the repeater UNUSABLE for rf, phone and voip users... ubp.

For most communism served without working..
Tie. brad and pat

10-4 Roger Motrac 

Since I work for the Anaheim School district I can get my hands on lots of interesting stuff. Today I found the 1971 Katella Yearbook and scanned the pages. Super fast FI-6770 scanner at work makes it a breeze.

On 435 JMM was always bragging he was "president of the 1971 Amateur Radio Club at Katella". Turns out they never had such a club so typical BS from Bebout. The other pages prove that his brother and sister were there but Rick was at the least banned from high school if not spending time in jail. See below =

A genuine hard copy original 1971 Katella Yearbook

No Bebout picture with the other graduating seniors in the group of names starting with "B"

So he wasn't in school where he claimed he was

The most interesting page

Richard Bebout is definitely not listed but his younger siblings, sister and brother are clearly listed

No Amateur Radio Club existed but maybe Rick was secretly president of the Girls Glee Club, lol

So the subject at hand is true, Rick is a total fraud and lied about all of the crap he told me on 435 before he was kicked off. Good thing he is also banned from 450 and SPARC.

Yes, BB is a model ham and a genuinely nice guy too.

Luke Cage 

people with an unhealthy fixation with BB need to sit down and drink their Ovaltine

Hammy Sammy 

On unhealthy "fixations"...

To the frothing-at-the-digital-mouth individual who thinks his effluvia makes some kind of a point, please explain what whether or not a person graduated high school at any particular time has to do with the subject at hand.

Get a life 

Hammy Sammy is bordering on an unhealthy fixation with BB.

my New Chew Toy 

Hey Bebout's Butt-Licker, Hammy Sammy

Why isn't Rick Bebout / KA6JMM listed as graduating in the 1971 Katella High School year book? His younger sister (pg-177) is listed and his little brother is listed in the '71 year book too (pg-66 & pg-193) so we know they were there.

Rick's not listed in 1971 when he claims he graduated..... see below

Besides his sister listed as a graduating senior in '72 Rick is also listed in 1972 which he refuses to explain or correct.

I wonder why?

Why does he lie about the year he graduated from high school? Why does he claim on 435 and other repeaters he is an "engineer" when he barely has a high school diploma from '72?

Word on 435 is JMM was incarcerated in 1971 and unable to complete senior year. Since he was a minor in early 1971 JMM's record was probably put under seal by some attorney in 1972. JMM's DOB is XXth day April-Nineteen-Fifty-Three, the year before his sister so you know he should have graduated in 1971 as he claims he did.

Go ahead Spammy Sammy and get faux-triggered. Call your pal Rick and the two of you can jabber on the phone and make up cover stories about this anomaly in his fabricated life of lies. His usual cover is to try to claim he "graduated" from high school early and went to college. His records from Fullerton Community College just show poor grades but no diploma. The "CV" he hands out shows attending Fullerton as 1972 - 1974 but yup, no degree.

We were sick of him on CLARA and we are sick of you covering Rick's ass here on Flamebook or worse, trying your snake venom on BB.

BB _is_ a model ham.

Fuck Off. 

You know what to do.
Bregel retard

Hammy Sammy 

In response to "Another Hit Song":

And, in fact, another masterpiece from Mr. Gobblecock et al, who continue to come up with stellar recordings. Well done!

In response to "Ham Sandwich" who said:
"I am not a SPARC member nor have I always agreed with BB..."

So, fundamentally, you agree with the suggestion that he's not above criticism?

"This half assed attack on BB is without merit."

I have not "attacked" BB/KG6YGC. I have merely asked whether he is above criticism, and whether or not mere criticism warrants, among other things, false allegations of child molestation.

"Yes the SPARC repeater has an elevated level of technical talk and it may appear high brow to some."

My use of the term "high brow" did not refer to conversation regarding the art and science underlying the amateur radio hobby, or conversation of its more technical aspects. My use of the term referred to the general attitude of many persons in that userbase who seem to think they're a better quality of person - as far as it concerns their behavior on the air and their engagement with others in the amateur radio hobby - merely because they hang out on the SPARC repeater and, perhaps, display a greater aptitude for the technical aspects of the hobby.

In reply to "Some Ham" who said:
"You opened yourself up to replies and now you don't like the answers."

Your "answers", such as they are, don't address the question. Of course you're under no obligation to answer, but you insist on chiming in and attacking me because I dare ask a harmless question. Obviously, you have nothing more to offer.

But thank you for providing an illustration of the sort of behavior I was referring to regarding a number of persons in the "in crowd" of the SPARC userbase in my reply to "Ham Sandwich".

In reply to Some Other[?] Goofy Ham calling himself "Judge, Jury" blah blah who said:
"You spam us..."

Who is "us"? We're all Flamebookers here, and there are no "cliques", unless you're one of the "Snitchboi" spammer's one or two Dark Sleaze.

"...with your wordy babble..."

As opposed to the hundreds of posts and millions of words, GIFs and still images of nonsense published by others trashing an obscure and, based on all objective evidence, harmless operator in Lake Elsinore/Wildomar?

"...until you believe you have dominated the topic."

I'm not even sure we're "discussing" - to the extent you're actually engaging in discussion - a topic, or at least the topic I'm interested in discussing.

"You have no interests in any replies that don't support your ego-centric narrative."

That makes no sense whatsoever. I'm asking a question, and a straightforward question at that, as part of a larger effort to determine why one to three blowhards on this website seem to think a largely obscure and, based on all objective evidence, harmless operator in Lake Elsinore/Wildomar deserves to be, among other things, accused of molesting children and harassed to the tune of hundreds, if not over a thousand comments on this forum from, if not a single individual, no more than three people over half of a decade, and all of that seemingly by persons who's only complaint with him is that he is critical of KG6YGC for - so far as I'm able to determine - treating him poorly because of the behavior of OTHER people.

What, specifically, you imagine that has to do with me personally, I'm sure I have no idea.

In closing, it seems like the "Snitchboi" spammer and his one or two Dark Sleaze would rather waste an incredible amount of time talking around a topic and attacking people who dare to question them on the matter rather than just addressing it in a straightforward fashion.

I wonder why?


To my friend and fellow ham radio hobbyist Hammy Sammy...


Judge, Jury, Jailer, Ham Jesus 

Hamy Samy

You spam us with your wordy babble until you believe you have dominated the topic. You have no interests in any replies that don't support your ego-centric narrative.

You aren't half the person BB is; he is a real person, not a flamebook addict like you

Some Ham 

I owe you absolutely nothing Hammy Sammy. You opened yourself up to replies and now you don't like the answers.

Another Hit Song 

I am proud to present "Hotel Diabetes" by Mr. Gobblecock

Richard "Buzz" Clark 


I just took a BIG shit today...
Big fat gobblecock BUZZ..

Named it Richard Clark and flushed it away...
Big fat gobblecock BUZZ!!!

Mr. Gobblecock Fan 

Squeaky 69 is Mr. Gobblecock's biggest fan.

I love his latest musical hit "Hotel Diabetes"

Hammy Sammy 

In reply to "Some Ham" who said:
"Who in the hell made Hammy Sammy the Judge, Jury, Jailor, and Jesus of the ham hobby and all of its satellites? Perhaps we regular users of Flamebook should post our opinions of Hammy Sammy and BB should go first."

To answer your first question, sir, no one made me, "Judge, Jury, Jailor and Jesus of the ham hobby"... More to the point, I never declared that I was such I thing.

I merely asked a question which for some reason has you very triggered.

The Admin answered that question - sort of - in the spirit with which it was asked. You might try.

Now, since you couldn't answer my first question, I'll try this: who and what is "BB" aka KG6YGC to you, that you seem to feel he is entirely above criticism regardless of whether or not one is a "model ham"?

I look forward to your substantive reply!

Ham Sandwich 

BB runs a tight ship at SPARC. He expects nothing more from others than he is willing to give. I am not a SPARC member nor have I always agreed with BB but I respect him and the SPARC machine because I have always felt welcomed there because I respect their rules. This half assed attack on BB is without merit. Yes the SPARC repeater has an elevated level of technical talk and it may appear high brow to some. Perhaps you should open your ears and shut your mouth and you may learn something from the SPARC crew.

Good place for terry 450 

Good luck on 450
You thought that rambling drunk jackass willy killy was a retarded rambling fool?

Wait until you hear the stumbling bumbling terry.

I wonder if terry had an armo stepfather that beat the fuck out of him on a daily basis.

Enjoy the permanent victim status of terry

Terry can chat with the unlicensed all day.

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